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Leavers of Britain Guidelines


Community Standards


We use the motto ‘Everyone is someone and anything is something” meaning everyone who walks through your doors is someone, treat them like their piece is important. Any amount of people showing up is a success and is something to build on.




Persistence is key to any meet-up – keep a friendly and open approach when interacting with people that come to your events, and find value in what they’re saying, that way people will come back again!




Treat everyone with respect – this also includes remainers. Patience, listening and enthusiasm will make your Leavers meet-up a success in no time.


If you need to report anyone who is not treating other members with respect, please email lucy@leaversoflondon.co.uk and we will follow up. We ask all members to use their common sense when interacting with other members online and offline.




We expect all members to respect one another’s privacy this means not publishing each other’s full names and personal details on the Leavers of Britain website.


Please view terms of service on this matter here


Sharing of content


We expect all members to only publish their own content and intellectual property. We expect members  in control and managed their own events. Any questions please email lucy@leaversoflondon.co.uk


Not upholding these Guidelines could lead to a ban from the site or cancellation of your event.

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