Leavers of Britain!

Where social meets the political



Ever had to hide the fact you’re a Leave voter from friends, family and work colleagues?
Left out at work and fallen out with loved ones because you voted for what you believe in?
Lost friends over Brexit? Want to make some new, better ones?

You’re in the right place!

Leavers of Britain (LofB) is an online AND offline community bringing like-minded people together across the UK.

Whether it’s a friendly drink after work, or coffee and cake at the weekend, Leavers of Britain supports people like you to network, make new friends and bring your community together as we leave the EU. Together we can heal social divisions across the country and make a positive difference in Brexit Britain.


After the referendum, Leave voters were accused of being either thick, racist or too old to matter. Our vote has been attacked legally and continues to be watered down through political concessions.

It’s time honest, hardworking people who are the backbone of our society stand up and say this isn’t acceptable. The will of the people must be upheld and those who voted leave respected just the same as everyone, no matter what way you voted in the 2016 referendum.

Leavers of Britain offers a way for people to take politics into their own hands: DIY activism! People from across the country can create events to fit their level of time commitment and use Leavers of Britain’s free-to-use promotional campaign materials.

What we believe

We believe in a clean Brexit, one that means the UK controls its own laws, money and borders. We believe in the UK being an independent country from the EU. Simples.

We reject all forms of intolerance, discrimination or prejudice towards anyone, as well as Leave voters. We confront and condemn racists and others who seek to hijack the Leave vote for their own ends.

We support the efforts of our politicians and social leaders in creating a fairer, more enterprising and freer country. It’s time to see the best in our nation and the hard-working, good people who make it great. We’ll do everything in our power to achieve that – and it starts with the power of the pint!

Who runs LofB!?

We have a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers dotted across the country who contribute their time and effort to making meet ups, design their own materials, set up their own stalls and protests as well as engaging the general public. Without their enthusiasm and drive Leavers of Britain would not be the strong community it is today.

Lucy Harris is the director of Leavers of Britain. A passionate supporter of Brexit, Lucy comes from Suffolk and has lived in London for 8 years. Lucy has a background in classical singing and publishing, and before that, worked on a fish counter for five years. Having lived in Italy for two years, she is a self-taught fluent Italian speaker and a lover of Europe. Through LofB and her other campaign work, Lucy’s goal is to bring democrats together across the UK and bring new friends to those who have lost theirs over Brexit.

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